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About Brian

Brian Bolton's career, as both a prosecutor and as a criminal defense lawyer with two decades of criminal law practice handling thousands of cases, has provided him with the knowledge and experience to effectively serve as Judge of Tarrant County Criminal Court No. 9. 

A sixth-generation Texan and proud Eagle Scout, Brian attended Texas A&M University, where he was in the Corps of Cadets and the Texas Army National Guard, before graduating from the University of Memphis and later Texas Wesleyan University School of Law (now Texas A&M School of Law). 

During Law School, he had the privilege of interning for the Tarrant County District Attorney's Office. After receiving his law degree, Brian went on to serve as a "tough-on-crime" trial prosecutor at the Dallas County District Attorney's Office, where he ultimately earned the position of Chief Prosecutor. He represented the State of Texas in countless misdemeanor and felony criminal offenses.

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Brian later worked as a criminal defense attorney throughout North Texas and beyond, providing top-notch legal services for nearly every type of criminal offense, practicing in both State and Federal courts. He has additionally served as appointed counsel for those impoverished individuals who have found themselves on the wrong side of the law.


Brian's experiences practicing criminal law on both sides of the courtroom have provided him with the most important attribute a judge can possess: the ability to even-handedly view evidence fairly and impartially. Brian has been a repeated recipient of Texas Lawyers Magazine "Rising Stars" Award in Criminal Law.

Brian emphatically believes that justice demands fairness and impartiality. A judge's role is to ensure the court protects the safety of the community, while also upholding core constitutional safeguards afforded to an accused individual. He believes a judge's role is to follow the law as written and to never legislate from the bench, because judicial activism has no place in a criminal courtroom.

In addition to his extensive legal accomplishments, Brian is an active leader in his community, having served as an Assistant Scoutmaster in the Boy Scouts of America and as a youth soccer coach at the Arlington/Mansfield YMCA. He is currently an active supporter of the Arlington High School Band Booster Program. Brian is a lifelong Republican with a commitment to conservative ideologies and principles.

 Brian has been married to his high school sweetheart Jennifer, an elementary school teacher, for 23 years. They reside in Arlington with their two daughters and attend Central Bible Church in Fort Worth. 

The election for Tarrant County Criminal Court No. 9. will take place on March 1, 2022.

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Representative David Cook, HD96
Tom Wilder, Tarrant County District Clerk
Gary Fickes, County Commissioner PCT 3
Dale Clark, Tarrant County Constable PCT 1
Armin Mizani, Keller Mayor
Jim Ross, Arlington Mayor
Barbara Nash, Former State Representative
Shannon Dubberly, Keller City Council
​Ross Mcmullin, Keller City Council
Jeff Brown, Pantego City Council
John Miller, Hurst City Council
Stacey L. Morse, Richland Hills City Council
Andra Estes Beatty, Area Leader HD 93, Precinct Chair 4508
Steve Eklund, Area Leader HD 94, Precinct Chair 2007
Erin Rodriguez, Area Leader HD 95, Precinct Chair 4253
Sherri Heinzman, Area Leader HD 96, Precinct Chair 2360
Chuck Mogged, Area Leader HD 98, Precinct Chair PCT 3421
Vanessa Mason, Area Leader HD 101, Precinct Chair 2235
J.T. Taylor, DFW DPS Chief of Police
Arlington Municipal Patrolman’s Association
Eric Mahroum, Former Advisor to President Trump
Jeremy Bradford, former Executive Director, Tarrant County Republican Party
Paul Schuder, President, Professional Bondsmen of Tarrant County
Grapevine Republican Club
Keller Republican Club
Tarrant Republican Club PAC
Log Cabin Republicans, Tarrant County

Michelle Sanchez, Precint Chair 1004
Tanya Bryant, Precinct Chair 1021
Dr. Stephanie Janiak, Precinct Chair 1111
Marshall Hobbs, Precinct Chair 1120
Eric Robertson, Precinct Chair 1142
Gloria Bermejo Sanchez, Precinct Chair 1206
Carlos Turcios, Precinct Chair 1207
David Lambertsen, Precinct Chair 1227
Gina Monday, Precinct Chair 1279
Salam David, Precinct Chair 1294
Kaye Moreno, Precinct Chair 1416
Brenda Dietrich, Precinct Chair 2145
Bill Eastland, Precinct Chair 2168
Hector Casanova, Precinct Chair 2173
Kimberly George, Precinct Chair 2205
Mark Davis, Precinct Chair 2220
Richard Sutterfield, Precinct Chair 2229
Joe Poth, Precinct Chair 2266
Susan Tate, Precinct Chair 2280
Kellye Hughes, Precinct Chair 2307
Bill Daley, Precinct Chair 2442
Brian Bledsoe, Precinct Chair 2553
Robert Wodarczyk, Precinct Chair 2699
Laura Abbott Oakley, Precinct Chair 3035
Sheena Rodriguez, Precinct Chair 3036
Francine DeLongchamp, Precinct Chair 3114
Jason Butz, Precinct Chair 3164
Janna Easton Precinct Chair 3212
Rosalie Escobedo, Precinct Chair 3216
James Ashby, Precinct Chair 3335 (former HD92 Area leader)
John Brieger, Precinct Chair 3390
Aaron Brieger, Precinct Chair 3516
Mary Childs, Precinct Chair 3527
Eric Morris, Precinct Chair 4141
Dayna Oliver, Precinct Chair 4340
Adam Arrington, Precinct Chair 4350
Cathy Hartman, Precinct Chair 4452
Scott Bagg, Precinct Chair 4534
Jackie Lifto, Precinct Chair 4551

Jason Baldwin
Greg Barton
JoAnna Barton
Paul Beall
Ann Marie Birdwell
Matt Birdwell
Victor Bolton
Stephen W. Burres III
Nathan Burum
David Burrows
Nathan Deary
John Deller
Kelly Fisher
Jeff Fowler
RaMelle Greene
Donna Hughes
Charlie Humphreys
Debbie Kanehl
Jeremey Katrycz
Bret Martin
Sharon Nicholson
Jimmy Pollizani
Barrett Potts
Joseph Poverelli
Stacy Reddy
Sean Rekemeyer
John Robinson
Meredith Sharp
Sandy Skinner
Alicia Smotherman
Thad Smotherman
Wesley Spencer
Demi Stewart
Van Tillman
Ross Tucker
Hart Weatherford
Martha Williams


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